• Hestia
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Hestia contains over 250 Patches and 50 Multis for Omnisphere. Known for her gentle nature, this goddess of hearth and home is a perfect analogy for Ashen Audio's first release, Hestia. Custom crafted by film composer and synth programmer Eric J Watkins, Hestia was created for film composers needing the softest, most gentle melodic percussion, pads, bells, and playable textures in their film scores or productions in general. These sounds are beautifully gentle and playable, with extra care placed into their response to velocity and and the mod-wheel for a powerfully expressive experience.

Requirements: - Omnisphere 2.6 or newer

Installation: - Download Hestia .omnisphere file - Open Omnisphere - From the "Utility" dropdown menu, select "Install .omnisphere" - Follow instructions

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